I Absolutely Love Indonesia!!

I used to be hate Indonesia for a while.


 I thought, what is good in Indonesia, huh? The Bali Bomb? The Corruptors? The poor Lapindo victims? The copied cultures? Then, I hope I can move to another country, for a better life. But, it’s just the old miserable times.

Until I read an annual edition magazine, in ‘I Love Indonesia’ article there I read an adorable place that I never know. The name is Benteng Keraton, it’s in Bau-Bau City, Buton Island, South-East Sulawesi. You may think, what’s in that place?

Well, Benteng Keraton is the largest fortress in the world!! It’s 2740 metres long, and has 12 entrances that called ‘Lawa’ and 16 cannons called Baluara. It used to be the capital of Buton Sultanate. It located in the top of the hill, and made by stone.

I don’t have the picture, but can you imagine how cool and magnificent place is that?? And at first, I even don’t believe that such place like Benteng Keraton is actually in Indonesia, cause most of people don’t realize that!

Well, there are so much adorable place like Benteng Keraton in our country, I’m sure. But, most of people don’t realize that and keep in dreaming to go out of the country. Then, perhaps we should open our eyes, and see, cause there are so many cool places that we don’t realize, are in our country, Indonesia.



~ by awlyatyarazz on December 25, 2007.

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