How to Make Brownie Cookie

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Sometimes, it’s so hard to get our body health. Sometimes, body exercising, fitness or 2 glasses of milk a day just don’t work. But, you don’t need to be worry, cause that things will be work if we change our high-carb dessert to low carb dessert…


These are the steps to make brownie cookie!






  • 250 ml of flour

  • ¼ teaspoon of baking soda

  • 50 ml of butter


  • 150 ml of sugar

  • 75 ml of cocoa powder

  • 50 ml of brown sugar



  • 50 ml of sour milk

  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla

  • 1 spoon of powder sugar




  • 1 can of not-stick cooking spray



1) Mix the flour with the baking soda

2) Melt the butter on the pan, then lift it from the stove

3) Pour the sugar, cocoa powder, and brown sugar. Then pour the sour milk and vanilla. Then mix it with the mixed flour-baking soda. Stir it.

4) Then, close the pan and put it in the refrigerator in 1 hour.

5) Spray the non-stick cooking spray into the baking dish. This spray is 100% fat free.

6) Pour the batter, then shape it circle.

7) Put the bashing dish in the oven. Set the temperature in 180 degrees at between 8-10 minutes


8)Then, lift it and leave it until it gets cooler enough to eat.

Cancer, An Ironic Fact

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Cancer is a group of diseases in which cells are aggressive (grow and divide without respect to normal limits), invasive (invade and destroy adjacent tissues), and sometimes metastatic (spread to other locations in the body). These three malignant properties of cancers differentiate them from benign tumors, which are self-limited in their growth and don’t invade or metastasize (although some benign tumor types are capable of becoming malignant). Cancer may affect people at all ages, even fetuses, but risk for the more common varieties tends to increase with age.[1] Cancer causes about 13% of all deaths.[2] According to the American Cancer Society, 7.6 million people died from cancer in the world during 2007.[3] Apart from humans, forms of cancer may affect other animals and plants.


Nearly all cancers are caused by abnormalities in the genetic material of the transformed cells. These abnormalities may be due to the effects of carcinogens, such as tobacco smoke, radiation, chemicals, or infectious agents. Other cancer-promoting genetic abnormalities may be randomly acquired through errors in DNA replication, or are inherited, and thus present in all cells from birth. Complex interactions between carcinogens and the host genome may explain why only some develop cancer after exposure to a known carcinogen. New aspects of the genetics of cancer pathogenesis, such as DNA methylation, and micro RNAs are increasingly being recognized as important.

Genetic abnormalities found in cancer typically affect two general classes of genes. Cancer-promoting oncogenes are often activated in cancer cells, giving those cells new properties, such as hyperactive growth and division, protection against programmed cell death, loss of respect for normal tissue boundaries, and the ability to become established in diverse tissue environments. Tumor suppressor genes are often inactivated in cancer cells, resulting in the loss of normal functions in those cells, such as accurate DNA replication, control over the cell cycle, orientation and adhesion within tissues, and interaction with protective cells of the immune system.

Cancer is usually classified according to the tissue from which the cancerous cells originate, as well as the normal cell type they most resemble. These are location and histology, respectively. A definitive diagnosis usually requires the histologic examination of a tissue biopsy specimen by a pathologist, although the initial indication of malignancy can be symptoms or radiographic imaging abnormalities. Most cancers can be treated and some cured, depending on the specific type, location, and stage. Once diagnosed, cancer is usually treated with a combination of surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. As research develops, treatments are becoming more specific for different varieties of cancer. There has been significant progress in the development of targeted therapy drugs that act specifically on detectable molecular abnormalities in certain tumors, and which minimize damage to normal cells. The prognosis of cancer patients is most influenced by the type of cancer, as well as the stage, or extent of the disease. In addition, histologic grading and the presence of specific molecular markers can also be useful in establishing prognosis, as well as in determining individual treatments.


Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs

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Once upon a time, a queen was staring outside her window at the beautiful snow. It was because of her distracted state that she pricked her finger on her needle and a drop of blood promptly fell on some snow that had fallen on her windowsill. As she looked at the blood on the snow she said to herself, “Oh, how I wish that I had a daughter that had skin white as snow, lips red as blood, and hair black as ebony.” Soon after that, the queen gave birth to a baby girl who had skin white as snow, lips red as blood, and hair black as ebony. They named her Princess Snow White. The queen soon died, perhaps in childbirth.

Soon after, the king took a new wife who was beautiful, but very vain, and who possessed supernatural powers. She also possessed a magical mirror, to whom she would often ask, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is fairest of them all?” and to which the mirror would always reply, “’tis you”. But after Snow White became seven (which is the official age wherein a girl becomes a maiden) when she asked her mirror, it responded, “Queen, you are full fair, ’tis true, But Snow White is fairer than you.”

The Queen was jealous, and ordered a huntsman to take Snow White into the woods to be killed. She demanded that the huntsman return with Snow White’s heart as proof. The huntsman took Snow White into the forest, but found himself unable to kill the girl. Instead, he let her go, and brought the queen the heart of a young deer.

In the forest, Snow White discovered a tiny cottage belonging to seven dwarfs, where she rested. Meanwhile, the Queen asked her mirror once again, “Who’s the fairest of them all?”, and was horrified when the mirror told her that Snow White, who was alive and well and living with the dwarfs, was still the fairest of them all.
Three times the Queen disguised herself and visited the dwarfs’ cottage trying to kill Snow White. First, disguised as a peddler, the Queen offered colorful stay-laces and laced Snow White up so tight that she fainted, and the Queen took her for dead. Snow White was revived by the dwarfs when they loosened the laces. Next, the Queen dressed as a different old woman and combed Snow White’s hair with a poisoned comb. Snow White again collapsed, and again the dwarfs saved her. Lastly the Queen made a poisoned apple, and in the disguise of a countrywoman offered it to Snow White. She was hesitant, so the Queen cut the apple in half, ate the white part — which had no poison — and gave the poisoned red part to Snow White. She ate the apple eagerly and immediately fell into a deep stupor. When the dwarfs found her, they could not revive her, so they placed her in a glass coffin, thinking that she had died.

Time passed, and a prince traveling through the land saw Snow White in her coffin. The prince was enchanted by her beauty and instantly fell in love with her. He begged the dwarfs to let him have the coffin. The prince’s servants carried the coffin away. While doing so, they stumbled on some bushes and the movement caused the piece of poisoned apple to dislodge from Snow White’s throat, awakening her. The prince then declared his love and soon a wedding was planned.

 The vain Queen, still believing that Snow White was dead, again asked her mirror who was fairest in the land and yet again the mirror disappointed her by responding that, “You, my queen, are fair; it is true. But the young queen is a thousand times fairer than you.

Not knowing that this new queen was indeed her stepdaughter, she arrived at the wedding, and her heart filled with the deepest of dread when she realized the truth.
As punishment for her wicked ways, a pair of heated iron shoes were brought forth with tongs and placed before the Queen. She was then forced to step into these and dance until she fell down dead.


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that day was Sunday… for the first time, well, I thought it will be a study day, but then…

my aunt suddenly asked me for join her to Kota Kembang!!

YEAAA….. free from any homework!!!

Well, that time, I thought it will be a nice Sunday… But, For God Sake…

it was not even nice…

just DAMAGE…

So… what damages were come to me that day?

  1. I forgot to bring my homework! yeaaa…
  2. My shoes that I wore that day was not fit…
  3. My aunt and my sister were laughing me because of my -not fit shoes-
    OH MY GOD… full of shame!!
  4. I’m almost passed out when we were shopping DVDs…


absolutely DAMAGEFULL


my terrific holiday……!!!

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The last holiday season…

Well, most of the time I spent at home, it was so over boring…. I just watched tv all day long, played all the old games in my PC,, and read my old magazines…

But, on the days after, I finally got the chance to do some fun activities, rather than just stay at home and doing nothing…

I went to the hot spring on Friday!

the hot spring

Well, it was fun! And, me and my family did many things there, such as played silly jokes, ate many kinds of food, and so on..


I Absolutely Love Indonesia!!

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I used to be hate Indonesia for a while.


 I thought, what is good in Indonesia, huh? The Bali Bomb? The Corruptors? The poor Lapindo victims? The copied cultures? Then, I hope I can move to another country, for a better life. But, it’s just the old miserable times.

Until I read an annual edition magazine, in ‘I Love Indonesia’ article there I read an adorable place that I never know. The name is Benteng Keraton, it’s in Bau-Bau City, Buton Island, South-East Sulawesi. You may think, what’s in that place?

Well, Benteng Keraton is the largest fortress in the world!! It’s 2740 metres long, and has 12 entrances that called ‘Lawa’ and 16 cannons called Baluara. It used to be the capital of Buton Sultanate. It located in the top of the hill, and made by stone.

I don’t have the picture, but can you imagine how cool and magnificent place is that?? And at first, I even don’t believe that such place like Benteng Keraton is actually in Indonesia, cause most of people don’t realize that!

Well, there are so much adorable place like Benteng Keraton in our country, I’m sure. But, most of people don’t realize that and keep in dreaming to go out of the country. Then, perhaps we should open our eyes, and see, cause there are so many cool places that we don’t realize, are in our country, Indonesia.


introduction… *an intermezzo

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first of all, I don’t think it’s important, everyone knows my name, though… *hahaha, it’s impossible!

but, for win the adorable, phenomenal and most wanted digital camera, I have to write this!

First,, my [real] name is AULIA TIARA,, such a standard name, right? but not a standard person,, for sure! I’m in the X1 class in SMAN 24. When you get into the class, you’ll see an adorable girl, wear red glasses, and colorful bracket.. yup, that’s me!

Even when you meet me at the very first time you see a kind of girl, but actually, I’m not a type of girl you see in the tv, I’m type of girl you see in V for Vendetta, Natalie Portman! Hahaha, kidding!

My hobbies are reading, [standard] watching movies [even more] disturbing neighbors [well, this time is not] talking unimportant, and many more… [seriously, they are so much..]

My activities are standard:


Watch tv

Then eat

Then go to bed

And the following day…

hha, kidding! not so bad, but standard!

Well, enough for this time

Hope it’s the best that I can do for you, readers!

🙂 🙂 🙂